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Retro Andy's bigger 80's toy

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Retro Andy:
Here's a few pictures of my Toyota Supra 3.0 auto, (I call it my gentleman's cruiser) it did'nt cost me a great deal, but for what i paid its a good old hack, the interior is in great condition and the body work is good, the bad bits are the bumpers are faded and scuffed, the exterior trims are coming away at the edges and a few marks here and there, but put your foot down and its great fun to drive.
I have thought about selling it in the new year and buy a c5 transporter, possibly a volvo 850 2.5 auto, what is good the job ?

Retro Andy.

I hate to sound all "Clarkson" , but there really is no substitute for the sound of a big engine  8) , your Supra reminds me of the Merc 300ce I used to own - big and comfy.

As for what a C5 fits into, we did have a thread on this a while back ;


...or you could go for a big old Estima/Previa so you can carry two. Might come in useful when you buy another C5 to add to your collection  :o ;)

I do like your Supra though, like a lot of cars from the 80's - there aren't many left trundling around.

I want one of these 70/80's bad boys which had a load of supra parts bolted on (only the top one)! I think a c5 may fit in one to.


Answers on a postcard to Guess that car P.O box 079 London England to win a signed photo of me!

yo fez, too funny   :D - although I didn't know which car it was, the clue might be in the name on the numberplate  :P


If we,re talking eighties toys I,ll have to try and find some pics of my 89 celica GT-R ,88 honda Supermagna and 83 honda CB750 custom, all of which are currently under much dust in the workshop.


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