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What do people drive as a daily

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A boring estate.
The fuel economy of a smaller car, but space for loads of windsurfing kit and sleeping.  Tinted windows for privacy and it's a stealth camper.
I'm off to Anglesey tomorrow morning for a weekend of windsurfing.  :D


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--- Quote from: cRaigalexander on  17, May, 2013  - 09:05:12 ---Its a 1991 205 GTi 1.9 :)

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That looks stunning  8)

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Thanks :) Its had quite alot of time, money and effort lavished on it! But its worth it, it seems to be an appreciating classic at the moment. (not that I have any plans to ever sell it!)

Some before/afters since I bought it then finished restoring it. Fortunately my new C5 doesnt need as much work! :D

I am quite literally mad on Citroens, we have 8 of them in our household, two of them are mine.

My current daily is a Xantia HDi Exclusive Estate.

It does make for ideal Sinclair C5 transport.

My toy is another Xantia, 2.0 Turbo petrol Activa. Which has something called 'Anti-roll Control' basically it dramatically limits body roll and as a result drives unlike anything else. With the turbo boost increased, it's a bit of a woof in sheeps clothing.

I happen to write the Xantia column for the Citroen Car Club magazine  ::)

Until a few months ago I used to keep my Xantias for nice days and had a sucession of Citroen C5s for my daily driver, which would have been quite fitting now ...

My weekend toy is a 1996  MGF 1.8 VVC


And my everyday drive is an Insignia Elite Nav :

Matts is Goldfinger :

And the wifey  has a Corsa

Here's my daily drive ride  8)

I do just over 20km to the office and back every day on it.  It's a one-off as I had it custom made locally, colour matched to my old (now long gone) sports car with 8 speed hub gears and disk brakes.  Also got a few trailers for it depending on if I'm heading to garden/shops or taking the kids out and about.

(we also have a Ford Focus, but I only use it once a week or so for large shopping trips or day trips out of the region)



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