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Luke S:
I have been spending some of my time on an Airfix kit. My dad bought me a cheep one for me to have a go of a while ago and I though I should start it. It's a supermarine Walrus MK2 and I'm actually really enjoying making it. I thought I would start at basic and work my way up. I want to get Concord for my birthday so I have time to practice. Do any of you guys do Airfix or when you where younger. Pictures will follow  ;) ;)

Luke EVERYONE old enough to remember a world Before the nintendo64 (google it) has made an airfix
model .

Luke S:
how many have you made

Over the years it must be hundreds, last one was a large space shuttle with my youngest.

Started with HMS hood, Bismark etc and worked upto HMS Victory, lovely model. Did all the planes too spitfire, hurricane, hawker demon all hanging from my bedroom ceiling, every available space was taken up. I think they were more affordable in the 60's than they are now


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