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Selling your C5 - Advertise for free here


We would like our members to be able to advertise the C5’s for sale without the costs that are associated with some online sites / auctions. This is a free interactive way for you to sell your C5.

All we ask is that you only list in this section complete C5’s
(if it is being sold for parts please advertise in the parts & accessories section)

Include in your listing where possible

Full description and condition of the C5 and list all if any accessories being sold with the C5
Photos, the more the better
Contact Details
(Remember this is not a private listing so your posts can be seen by all members, if sending personal information send by email / private message etc)

Just remember once the C5 has been sold to update the title of your listing as Sold, this post will then be archived so only active listings are on show.

Thank you and this should make it an easy way to sell your C5


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