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Paul Langton-Rogers:
Hi all,

Here is the C5 itself...

I purchased the C5 off the original owner from new, who is now an elderly gentleman. The C5 has been in dry-storage for over a decade but as you can see, is in need of some TLC and restoration to tidy it up and get it back running again. There's no battery included, however the motor and electrics I have been told should be in good working order still, and it has the indicator lights on both sides.

The C5 is in Scotland (Edinburgh) if you cannot collect, I can help arrange delivery either using a man-and-a-van service or a pallet to curb side, cost of delivery probably will be about £50-£60 maybe a bit less if you're up North or easy to get to on along a regular route.

Photos album link:


Paul Langton-Rogers:
OK I'm bumping my own post up and giving anyone interested 3 days to make an offer then it will be withdrawn from sale, and I will take delivery.

If anyone wants delivery to their door by a specialist carrier with a van, the cost will be £50 with full insurance included, and delivery will be within 7 days.


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