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Is This Forum Finished ?


It would be a shame, but I get the feeling this site had run its co*pardon my French*.  With only 9 months to go before it needs to be re-registered I can't help but thinking it won't get done.  There has been no new posts since I had a peek in early 2018.

This forum used to be a vibrant community of enthusiasts, but since Karl gave up the hobby it seems to have died a slow slow death.

I will pop back later in the year see if there is any sign of life, and if not I will silently fold my tent and go quietly in to the night.

Not posted for a long long time. Went away but thinking of getting back into C5's. Remember the times when the forum was busy and events such as Brooklands and Santa Pod.
Strange to see the forum has pretty much died.

No idea if anyone will reply, or even see this message. Wonder if the old members are still around, still owning C5's, or if they've all moved on.

The Facebook groups are very active, not sure if all the old members are on the FB groups, some are. The forum is just not as appealing to use for a lot of people when compared to FB unfortunately (try browsing/posting on the forum on a small smartphone screen for instance).

Seems to me that the 'Club' died when Karl retired from the C5.  I still have mine, but think it might be time to get rid.


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