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NEW Sinclair Vehicle!!

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It's finally happened!!!  :o

Sinclair Research have actually released another vehicle!!  BRAND NEW!!

Check it out folks - http://www.sinclairzx.com

Did anyone else know about this??

Very cool.

There's a slight discrepancy with the price though, on the main page and the 'More info' page it says £595 with £100 deposit, but on the page with the video it's £999 with £99 deposit. If it is in fact £595 then I'm very tempted to reserve one...

EDIT: It also doesn't mention range...

EDIT 2: And there's a new A-Bike E:

EDIT 3: I think the £999 price is a mistake on that page, it's £595 on the pre-order page too.

The Register has a (short) piece on the X-1, although it's slightly disparaging...

Yeah !!!!!! - bring on the x1 - feel a x1c5 project comming on

Retro Andy:
I'm thinking this could be an ideal vehicle for me to get to work and back, have requested more information etc from Sinclair Research about it, the price of £595 is after a goverment cycle to work scheme, I reckon its a good price if its any good, must admit after Sir Clive's interview last year about a new electric vehicle he was working on didn't think it would be that similair to the C5 ?
P.S How does it not fall over at traffic lights etc ?

Retro Andy

At first glance it looks to be just as dangerous on the road as a C5 is. It is too low, it has little or no rear vision,the structure above the drivers head won't help the C of G, windscreen clearing is not provided for( or does it come with a lifetimes supply of Rain-X and how fast does one have to travel before the slipstream self clears the windscreen?.) Where can one park this thing and how to stop it falling over?


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