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Retro Andy:
I have sent the Sinclair Research people another e-mail, almost twevle months on from the first, but still I haven't had a reply, pretty poor customer service  :-[

Retro Andy.

What happened to peoples deposits here?


--- Quote from: dantheref on  03, January, 2014  - 16:18:49 ---What happened to peoples deposits here?

--- End quote ---

They have in all likelihood lost them :o I know we all love C5's and think Sir Clive is a genius but this sort of thing, taking deposits for something that doesn't exist and/or isn't likely to be released sucks ;D I feel an email to watchdog coming on....

You can't really write to Watchdog if people haven't actually lost any money.  As far as I can see, no money has changed hands.  Just a case of people having expressed a wish to purchase, and are awaiting Sinclair Research to get in contact with them.  But, it doesn't appear to happen.  So, whilst it's disappointing that comms are poor, I don't think anyone has lost anything through it.


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