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Hi Folks - received this email - if anyone is able to help out please contact him direct - many thanks Marty :

 Dear M&M Repairs,I am researching a piece on old gadgets and technology for the Independent on Sunday newspaper in the UK. I came across your website and was wondering if you knew of anyone who owned a Sinclair C5 vehicle and would be willing to comment on why they still ride it and why they love the bike. Regards    tmlvrz@gmail.com

Email sent ;D

I've received a similar email via the c5alive address, also one from a lady called Elana from The Independent.

There must be another spike of interest in all things c5 as a few weeks ago a photographer come round to my place to photograph some c5's for a childrens book and just today another photographer came to my place to photo a c5 for an upcoming TV programme  8).



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