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Any c5 owners in Penrith or nearby can help ?


A request for help received via my email "in" tray;

Dear Sir / Madam,

This may seem like a strange request - Our school is 50 years old this year and we are performing a summer production to celebrate life since the 1960s. Would any of your members be happy to loan (or bring along) a C5 we could use as a prop in the production? We are near Penrith in the North-West of England, so if anyone has one in our local area, and would be willing to help, I would be grateful if you could pass on my email address.

Yours sincerely

Calum Campbell (Headteacher)

If anyone can help out please let me know and I'll forward on the necessary details  8)

Hi Karl,

Do we know when (dates) its needed.



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