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Was flicking through the TV channels this morning before going off to late shift and there was Jason Bradbury on the Wright Stuff show being interviewed. The C5 got a good mention and Jason said how he has converted it to 24v and uses it all the time to drop DVD back to his local rental shop. There was a picture of him as well on his C5.
Everyone seemed interested that he was still driving one and a good bit of publicity for the C5!

he did a bit on the gadget show with it karl and that went down thier thier is a thread somewere

Jason is a top bloke , Martin and I carried out the conversion on his C5 so that he could use it for the "Personal Transport" episode of the new series Gadget Show.



Although both Martin and I had lunch with Jason, unfortunately Martin couldn't get the day off to go to the filming - so I went on my own.

Tough job having to enjoy the corporate hospitality,sharing a lunch table with Suzi Perry, Dallas, Tom Ford, Jason Bradbury.... ;D 8) ;)

oh yes, fond memories  :-*


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