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Sinclair C5 Xmas Single Hit!


Hi Friends
Just thought you might be interested in some Festive news! John Otway is about to release a Xmas Hit...hopefully number ONE...single about a Sinclair C5! This will be available to download from iTunes from the 14th till the 20th December, but if you would like a preview, the video will be up on YouTube tomorrow 7th December! It's brilliant, but don't just take my word for it, please take a look from midday tomorrow! It is already equal third in the betting to be this year's Christmas Number One and that is very exciting...
The video footage was filmed on location, in Lapland! Yes, John Otway actually had a C5 flown out specially! Do please take a look, it's great fun! :-)

I'm looking forward to listening to it  :)

The title is 'OK Father Christmas" by John Otway. The video is on You Tube now! I tried to add the link to it, but can't get it to work...I'm not very tech savvy! Please search for it on You Tube...it's brilliant and features the wonderful Sinclair C5!



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