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Thought some you might be interested in this article


Ta Martin

It was really great to see the C5 on The One Show tonight 9.1.15
Shame it was only a fleeting 2-3 minutes long but great that such a superb iconic peice of technically crafted history is getting the recognition it deserves.
Clarkson, May and Hsmmond should do a feature on this brilliant, ahead of its time, masterpiece

It is a rare sight to we them on tv. It good there getting recognised. The engineering and design of them is like nothing else. My c5 is a month away from its 30th birthday and is completely orginal and unmodified and is still running like a Swiss watch

Just got back. Great time will post some pictures later

lotus 30:
looking forward to find out how it all went i enjoyed it  well done to those that made the effort to go, to far for me.


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