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What is this section about ?


Welcome to the Perran Newman section. As the intro to the section states, Perran is the guy who designed the Control Box and Pod for the Sinclair C5 and he has agreed to provide some input about these systems .

This section is where he will be posting some background info of a technical nature and maybe some interesting pictures on a regular basis but it is not intended to be used as a means of providing immediate answers to questions. This section is more of a reference resource being provided by one of the original design team.

What happened to this section ????


--- Quote from: PLOD11 on  16, September, 2013  - 13:29:41 ---What happened to this section ????

--- End quote ---

I chased it up several times but think it's now dead in the water  :-[.

Shame really as it had a lot of potential  :(

There wasn't much he could post anyway was there? Isn't all the tech docs on sinclairc5.com originally by him?


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