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My 'new' Honda Cub

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Looks like the tin worms have been having a nibble , but not too bad. I reckon it will scrub up quite nice  :)

I have started to rub down the rust on the wheelarch and it was only surface, in the two below pictures you can see the only two rot holes that are on the frame itself and the rubbed down parts of the wheelarch in primer.

A little progress today, I really want it running first before I become properly stuck in.

Gave the wheels a quick go over with some metal polish - the front one came up very well but the rear still needs a little more work;

I also wire brushed the rear luggage rack and that came up OK-ish;

I then ordered a new battery fitted a new battery, run a new battery overflow pipe as the original was missing & cleaned up the battery bay and the part of the main frame tube you can see through the hole in the below picture;

I put together a website about it this evening - it can be viewed here

Yesterday, I fitted the new front inner tube and my battery arrived today so I got that fitted too. I'm hoping the ignition key will arrive tomorrow.


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