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Well thought I would start a thread up for my first car! Bought her when I was 16 ready to drive on my 17th birthday.

Heres a pic from the ebay ad.

Had a few mods. Stage 1 kit with an RC40 exhaust, Some badly painted minilites and some wheel arches.

Here she is the day I bought her.

Anyway pretty much kept her like this and just had a few bits of welded done for the MOT. Then started to learnt to drive in her.

Then came some typical 17 year old mods. Sick angle eyes and clear rear lights bruv! Plus a few other tacky chrome bits.

Here she is at the IMM2009 the Minis 50th Birthday.

Then the engine had some mods. Had the block pocketed and at 1300 head fitted a bigger carb and a cam. For a 998 it really did go like a rocket.

Then I had a new front end fitted as the other had rotted out pretty bad. Went for a removable fiberglass bonnet.

Rattle canned this as I wanted to do a few other bits before I got the whole car painted.

Came out ok though!

At this sort of time I also grew out of the tacky 17 year old mods. Thank god! So some old school mk2 tail light were fitted.

Used it like this for a while then noticed 2 tyres where worn and the other 2 getting close and they were odd so as I had a drive to Kent that weekend for Southern Mini Days I splashed out on 4 new tyres.

I drove to kent and had a great time.

Then the Monday I popped to town to get some bits and bang. The diff went.

That was the last day the car saw the road! With 4 tyres that had done less then 200 miles and a full tank of fuel.

After this happened the strip down started.

Engine out

That was then sold. I was quite happy with how far I had tuned the 998 so I sold it to fund bigger and better thing.

Then the body work started.

Had new floor pans sills and door steps on both sides!

So I go that back and dropped the subframes. Leaving me a bare shell.

I then bought some new door skins and reskined some doors I had bought as the frames were much better. The ones on the car were so rotten they were not even worth reskining.

New doors.

New door skins.

And tah dah! Nice rust free doors.

So thats it! Half way a bare shell so now things start going back together!

Started off drilling the holes out for the new grill gone for a mk1 cooper grill with an Inno tash

Anyway then bought some new arches. Went for some W&P ones.

Fitted too of them and have a teaser shot with the wheels I will be using 10x6 motorsport wellers.

Then the most important thing! The new engine. A stage 3 1293.

Hoping it should make around 90-100 bhp which I know if nothing buy todays standards but will be plenty is a car like this.

That is pretty much were I am at. Need a very small bit of welding done to the shell then it can be painted. Also need to build up a strong gear box for the engine so I can put that together. Hoping it wont be long until shes back on the road. Its been 2 years now and I so miss driving her. Anyway that pretty much it for now.

Thanks for reading!

Thats pretty much it for that one! Next up my clubby.

Heres my 33 year old daily, Mini Clubman.

Here she is the day I bought her.

Anyway since owning her I'v done loads. I wanted to do something different to other things you see on the mini scene so I went for a VW /euro look. Or my take on it anyway.

A list of things I'v done off the top of my head.

-Dechromed a fair few things. Still more to do.
-Fitted new exhaust
-Sorted out interior, Still have some bits that need to go in.
-Fitted new headlights
-Fitted all red earlyer style tail lights
-Changed the number plates to some pressed ones.
-Plus fit a load of other parts.
- Fitted smaller brakes so I can run 10 inch wheels
- Changed the wheels many time. I am a huge wheel whore lol.

IMM Longbridge  ;D
Were you also singing along to Roy Wood .. Christmas songs in the middle of summer  :D

As you might have guessed, i'm also a fan of classic Minis, having owned a selection of saloons & Clubby Estates over the years, although none at the moment.

Looks like you've got a couple of nice ones there, with some nice mods aswell. Must admit i do like the Clubbys, and the cream with black roof just goes together so well.

The last mini i owned you might have seen at the IMM : Clubman Estate body on a Suzuki Sj410 chassis  ;D
Was great fun, especially when going a bit off-road, but was strictly a 2 seater, which isn't great when you have 2 boys that want to go for a ride in their Dads car  ;D

The Mini is a definitely a car I would love to try. Never had chance to have a go in one though.

Not only was I singing along to Roy Wood but I was doing it on top of a table while cracking out some smooth shapes ha. Someone from minimag spotted it and took a pic and much to my shock there was a rather large pic of me doing the above printed in the mag a month later hahaha. I do love the 4x4 minis. I'v always wanted to make a moke one but I don't have the space or tools to be doing something like that!

thedesgintailor if there is ever a c5 meeting we both happen to be at and I have one of my minis with me then I shall take you for a spin. It may end up expensive though as they are kind of addictive ha.


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