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Hello my other hobbies are cars and painting pictures.

I own a 1979 MG Midget that I have fully restored to concours standard and own two Mk1 MX5's

I also paint pictures, if you wanna see what they are like please have a look here:  www.stimages.co.uk

Hope you like it all


Love the midget - one of my favorite cars of all time - very talented with the paintings too !!! :) :) :)

Superb  8)

Even though I prefer my MGF (I put my hands up to being totally biased towards all things MG  ;D) that MX5 looks good  ;)

Lovely - you weren't in Bristol today were you? Saw a very similar looking MX5 today.

Hello, thanks

No I live in Manchester.  I used to live that way out mind! 

What plans do you have for yours?


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