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This is supposed to be the off topic area, and all I see are car enthusiasts.  :)

My main passion is windsurfing. You'll often catch me around Rutland on a good forecast, or Hunstanton, Hayling Island, Anglesey, etc. on the weekend.  Any other windsurfers here?

Hi there just a thought has anyone ever thought of putting a sail on a c5 and used it for Land surfing ...

Retro Andy:
I had a go last year, but didn't get the chance to have a good crack at it because of the weather. I did enjoy it so I bought myself a old windsurfing board a wetsuit, wetshoes a life jacket etc so ready to go and hoping to have more chance this year.
The interesting thing is that I live near Hunstanton and will be learning with the help of my cousin, he is a excellent windsurfer and sailor and spends most of his spare time at the sailing club. I wish I had learnt when I was a bit younger, where do you live ?

Retro Andy.

Rutland is my local sailing spot, but I sail down Hunny way a lot, really nice for freestyle at low tide.  It sounds like you have all the kit.  We just need summer to kick in.

What about a C5 powerboat?  The body is a pretty good shape, so either a paddle steamer or just stick an outboard on the back.  :)

Retro Andy:
I've always thought a C5 would make a good sledge  ;) Do you know anyone from the hunstanton sailing club ? I'm waiting for the right weather conditions as I don't want to end up out at sea if the wind is in the wrong direction.

Retro Andy.


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