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As much as I love running about in my C5, I have been chewing the cud over whether to buy an electric bike for my general running about on and finally bit the bullet and got this.

I went to a few different shops and tried a couple and really liked this one and it can really shift :)

You have standard bike mode, pedal assist where it does half the work or lazy boy mode and twist and go on the throttle. 36v lithium battery and so far very pleased with it and if I could put two additions on my c5, it would be a couple of gears and disc brakes.

These really do make a difference!

Still can not beat the smile factor running around in Jetpac and looking forward to the Horsham run.


That looks cool, can I ask
How much ?
Is 36v legal ?
How fast?
How far?
How old you need to be?

It's the game of 5 questions LOL

Ok here we go:

36v is road legal as it is restricted under electric power to 15mph, but with six speed gears and your own pedalling then you can go as fast as you can pedal. I need to get my cycle computer on this to try and get some speed readings but surprised quite a few drivers at the lights with a fast off and maintained speed.

Range again varies depending if you are just using the throttle or pedal assist mode. It recons on power only you should get 15-20 miles and pedal assist upto 40 miles, again will let you know more when cycle comp fitted. The beauty is even if the battery completly dies then it is still a six speed mountain bike and admitedly heavier than a normal bike but quite ridable. (Unlike poor old Jetpac which is a real effort to peddle if the battery dies).

The price is the best or worst bit. I saw this bike in the shops branded as a Wispa eco sport which sells for £1,200 (Ouch), which as you can guess really put me off. This one is unbranded but identical spec and got from ebay for £480 including delivery!

wow nice one !

...that is a fab looking peice of kit , most impressed.

I tried out a similar one in Bristol when visiting Nikki for a BVS event. They are a good laugh, and surprisingly quick  8)

Any objection to me moving this to the other interests section ?


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