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Author Topic: Restoration Of C5 #1  (Read 1100 times)

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Restoration Of C5 #1
« on: 06, December, 2012 - 21:33:36 »
Seeing that I am unable to do any serious work on #2, as it will be painted, and with the weather like it is, and will be for some time, I've decided to start restoring #1 so it's ready for the spring. Even the work on #1 will be limited as the garage is not heated plus there are no widows, so this means working with an up and over door being wide open. The other problem is I have to move out two adult trikes to be able to get at the C5s and the owner(ess) will not be too happy if I park them out in the snow.  :-\ :-\

I want #1 to be as original as possible, but it's definitely a garden case with strong rust and corrosion all over the place. Seeing that #2 is going to be a pimped version I think I'll be using a lot of #2's parts for use on #1.

It's taken some time rummaging though the cellar looking for parts and ordering those that I don't have. Anyway work has at last started so I'd like to show you the starting phase.

Even though it's not original I'm going to fit a blower to the motor, wow this sounds like a REAL car.  ;D The reason for this is the C5 motor has no internal fan so to reduce overheating a fan must be fitted to provide forced ventilation. I also want to use a trailer, so there's some chance that the motor will heat up more than usual . I've started converting the new motor that I obtained from ebay, doesn't look like much work has been done but I can assure you it took quite a few hours for so little to show.  :-\ :-\

For those of you who haven't yet had a close look at the motor, this is the end where the brushes are located. As you can see there is adequate provision for ventilation.

And this is the gearbox end. These six small apertures are all that is provider to exhaust the heat.  :o If you look closely you will see that the upper three apertures are somewhat larger than the lower three. I've enlarged all six of these apertures by over 50%, due to the fact that the 'fingers' are located left and right of the apertures it's not possible to elongate them. This was one hell of a job, the most suitable file that I have for the job is a super fine diamond file, it took hours of work and over a week later my thumb is still somewhat numb.
I'm still not happy that there is sufficient exhaust area, but there's little else I can do.

The motor is definitely an off the shelf model and not one that was designed for the C5.

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