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My C5 up and running - Phase 2 - 24v conversion

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Hi all just got my C5 working for its first run and had to wait until today (1.1.11) especially as the snow has just gone in Manchester!!!!!

See it running  - http://s1081.photobucket.com/albums/j346/LanceColwyn/?action=view&current=01012011232.mp4

thanks to Chas, Radiomarty, Neil (the plumber) & Marc for parts.

I hope this is my first one of a few and Happy New Year to all.

Thanks Lance

Well done what a great job looks like it was made yesterday ...bye Chas

Retro Andy:
Looks really good, well done, really like the wall brackets to keep it on, will have to do something like that for mine to make room in the garage for the X1 when it comes.

Retro Andy.

gowrings c5:
nice job! looks new. would love to know where to buy those wall brackets  ;)

glad the parts helped great c5 well done.


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