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My C5 up and running - Phase 2 - 24v conversion

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Hi all,
Reserrecting this link.

POD11, I am now looking at finishing my 24v conversion as been busy with kids football for 2 years but will be concentrating get this sorted.
are you still in contact with the guy that used my circuit and built your board as want to get the other side working for current monitoring and buzzer.

Thanks Lance

Hi Lance, looking for the ability to monitor current and voltage for my 24v conversion. Is this still live work you and PLOD11 are involved in? I'd be keen to get it into use on my conversion, with a bit of guidance on how to install and set it up.

I have modified the circuit a little but now need the circuit to be CADed up but i am waiting to get someone to do it.

thanks lance


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