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Hello Again, As promised, I got my collection out in the garden for a couple of photos for you to see.
6 complete and working (just needing a really good clean now as they are covered in greasy finger prints etc.) and 5 (in bits, 3 complete and 2 with many missing parts). The chassis for the 5 shells are at the powdercoaters ( I am lucky enough to work within an industry that I can get this done for a favor).
So a total of 13 at the moment (2 are packed up in a barn in France)
I know this is well OTT but if I see one for a good price I cant resist & once people know you are into them you get offered them, So even if I stop looking they keep coming!!

Oh and yeah, for the keen eyed among you, the one at the back had massive incident with a kerb last week (my mate must have thought it was a 4x4 C5 and tried to get onto the path at full speed without the use of a drop kerb.)
you should have seen the bruise that came up on his stomach (a perfect inprint of the top of the windshield where the pod is!) and I am pretty sure he head buttted the headlight!! luckily he is fine apart from that, but the front forks, and probably the headstock and chassis are now well Knackered!.

Any how there you go.




Hi Jace, That is some collection, I am jealous as I have just collected my 2nd C5. If you need a hand dispensing I am looking for a 3rd. Good look with the restorations.


Wow that's an impressive collection  :o very nice :)

Very impressive collection,  :)  its amazing how many C5s are still around.

It's having a site like this that keeps them going, and keeps the C5 Alive.

Look forward to seeing some of them at a meeting !! 


That's insane!  ;D ;D
My wife would disown me if I had a collection like that... Still, that might be a fair trade -lol.



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