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Thats some addiction you have there  ;D

Retro Andy:
Fantastic stuff, how many sheds do you have  ;D, I reckon if I got that many I would'nt walk the same again after the wife cuts off what makes your eyes water  :D

Retro Andy.

Thanks for all the comments, and to answer your question Retro Andy, I am lucky enough to have a double garage, and they stack nicely 3 high on the walls around the edges on racking I made & its got a pitched roof with lots of loft space for storage.

I have to say I my wife is amazing and lets me get on with whatever I want (but I make sure to get any house / family jobs done first so as not to push my luck)  ;D

She didn't realise quite how many we owned until I got them all out for a photo mind you and she now thinks I have a serious problem ;D (so do I)

Also lurking in the garage is a 1985 Suzuki RG500 (two stroker) motorbike which is great fun & a 1973 VW "Bay window" camper for us all to use during the summer camping weekends. (mainly at Santa Pod ) for the FIA top fuel championship which is held there twice a year.


lol this would explain why its hard to get one around your area you have bought them all.

Nice collection hope your mate has learnt his lesson with the kerb, if it was mine I prob would have done my nut.



Retro Andy:
Sata Pod, had some great weekends their back in the day  ;)

Retro Andy.


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