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Got my C5 today ^^


Hi everyone
As today was the day the ebay seller was in, it was today we drove to horsham.  :)

It came with all of the original documentation including all the hoover service invoices and the original owners card. Also another copy of the accessory leaflet (have 2 of them). ;D ;D

It came with the battery with cover, the charger (doesnt work), wing mirrors & high visibilty mast and the seat cushion.

And there she is.
Decided to name her Persephone.  ;D

Only bad point is the brown gearbox fingers.  :(

Also had a quick pedal about the place... but my god its hard work!
Few hills around here... nuff said. >:(

Will be fitting the accessories and cleaning her up tomorrow bit dark now.
Ill also sum up some strength to pedal about and take some piccys around the place.  ;D

is that not were mark lived


--- Quote from: alan1310 on  05, September, 2008  - 09:55:07 ---is that not were mark lived

--- End quote ---

nope - Mark lived in High Wyecombe

Martin lives in Horsham though.

Jeffers, that looks like you've bagged a good 'un.

I'd run it until you have a snag with those fingers, they might last a while yet.

In the meantime, keep an eye out on Ebay for a wreck that has the bits you need


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