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Netherlands spec - c5 modifications


Just finished cleaning up one of the Rotterdam c5's ready for resale.

This one has what I call the Netherlands modification to ensure it complies with their "pedelec" regulations. At first glance it looks like an additional chain tensioner has been fitted, but the "wheel" is a sensor that reads if the chain is moving before it allows the electric motor to engage. That helps the c5 to meet the European requirement of only permitting the motor to be used when the pedals are turning  ::).

As you can see from the piccies, this particular c5 also has a 3-speed gear conversion (done very nicely..  8))

Hey BooBoo,
I have the same problem. My C5 broke down again, after the electronics burnt, as I rode up the hill to my house. How dod you do the pedelec mode, on this one? Could you explain?


hi there,

is this easy to do,i live in amsterdam and have a an 7 speed sinclair,
i want to use it on an daily base so it needs this.

thanks in advance


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