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What do people drive as a daily

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Currently giving very serious consideration to adding a Rolls Royce Silver Spirit to the fleet.

...aside from anything else, seeing it parked next to the Skoda would so wonderfully baffle the neighbours!


--- Quote ---Piaggio MP3 400ie - at least it's a 3 wheeler
--- End quote ---

Yes, but to drive forwards you have to drive backwards. :P

In the last few days this was added to the fleet.  Intended mainly as a winter hack, but seems in such good state I may well hold on to it for a while yet.

She's a Xantia 1.9TD Sensation, picked up as a trade in to clear for £295 complete with a full year's MOT.  If you had put some tape over the odometer and sent me for a test drive, would have said 50-70K on the clock...nothing close to the 197K on there.  Reckon the mileage must have put a lot of people off.


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