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Nice couple of finds...

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I recently met a lady, bought some parts off of her, and she called me again a couple of weeks ago to tell me she'd found more. She turned up today, and for the (let's face it) amazing sum of £120 I came away with a boxed indicator set, pair of boxed mirrors and another boxed horn!

I'm not really intending to sell, I might be interested in selling an indicator set and horn for the right price, but I think it makes a fantastic display for when we're doing next year's shows :)

One mild irony was that after I'd packed them away, my 1 year old came up to me with a carrier bag, and it was only then that I realised that the boxes were actually still in the original Comet carrier bags lol! Must be a rarity now to have 1985 Comet bags!

Wow your lucky to find all that :). Id like to have a pair of wing mirrors on my c5 but it wouldn't fit though the garden gate if I did lol :)

Funny enough I had exactly the same problem... I had to lift it 6ft in the air to get it over! I got fed up of doing it but instead of losing the mirrors I just paid to get the gate widened lol :)

Pot of gold!

Well, you'd think that sure, but to be honest that's not really the case... more a pot of gold-in-waiting.

A couple of years back indicators were fetching silly money... £400 a set, now a boxed set sold a couple of months back for £77! Funny in the C5 world how things seem to go in cycles... I'm sure that in another year indicators will rocket again, but at the moment it seems to be seat cushions and rear lights that are worth the money.

I just think they'd make a great display at shows... and a nice little nest egg lol :)


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