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She's more or less complete now :)

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They are great, with the lens it beams the light perfectly. So you had the same problem that I had, there was more that enough meat on the casing so I turned off half a mil. and now they fit.

Funny thing is it they were in ebay.de, but from the UK. It was lot cheaper to buy two from the UK than buying them here, but in the meantime I found some in ebay.de that should fit without any problem.


But i don't know if they are Cree LEDs.

I didn't buy them for the C5 the fogs where for my car, and the rears where bought as fog lights for my mustang (as it doesn't have any) just a happy coincidence they fitted without too much bother. I had to have the hole in the C5 body a bit bigger for the front light

Hi Smiler,

--- Quote ---I had to have the hole in the C5 body a bit bigger for the front light

--- End quote ---
You've got me lost there. :o

The hole in the body of the c5 where the wires come through for the light, the fog light bulb I used was a bit long so you couldn't refit the light with it in, so had to widen The wires hole so the bulb poked through it

Hi smiler,

OK ole! with you now.


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