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My C5 from Ebay for £50.00 project update,this will be ready for the horsham run

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 ;D heres some more pictures  she nearly ready to roll.

That is a real credit to you mate  8) , especially when you consider what you started with.

Good to see another one saved from the scrapheap and back on the road with a new lease of life  :)

Looking good  ;D
Like the colour. Blue seems to go well on a C5.

Was it painted already or did you do it yourself ?


thanks karl see u sunday  ;D  and thanks for all your help and advice with it.

cheers daz i painted it myself  the body was so scratched there was no other option  :-\apparently its home for the last 10 years was under a blackberry bush.

That paint job is wicked, I had one painted (sprayed white) but they could not guarentee the paint would not 'flex' off as the shall is plyable, what paint did you use??

Its a top job.....fancy doing one for me???



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