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My C5 from Ebay for £50.00 project update,this will be ready for the horsham run

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thanks lee  i used plastic primer spray first  then high build /filler primer and trophy blue base coat and clear lacquer  all done with aerosol cans  lets hope it dont fall off tomorrow ha ha ha.

hi looks great...where did you get your steel front wheel please?

thanks automino  the front wheel is 12" off an old kids bike it was pink  but  i sprayed it chrome,
your best bet is buy an old bike from a boot sale or your local tip  failing that buy one new from a bike shop, hope this helps scott.

Looking forward to fitting bluebird a new motor and gearbox for the summer :-) I will post some pics on the progress soon  has anyone tried the new rear wheel disk brake for sale on EBay at the moment ? Cheers Scott

I have got the rear disk conversion fitted by Chas and it works great - braking is progressive and powerful, not grabby and unpredictable like the dodgy old drum, and I have my own 36V conversion c5 capable of 35 mph so good brakes are essential. Can highly recommend the disk brake, does take a bit of fiddling to get it properly adjusted but well worth the effort !!


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