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Title: Hiya
Post by: Stewpot on 08, September, 2009 - 21:11:36

Just thought I'd say hello insted of lurking in the background. I don't have a C5 yet but myself and a friend are looking for one each.

Looks like a great site with shed loads of info for us C5 virgins.


Title: Re: Hiya
Post by: radiomarty on 09, September, 2009 - 07:38:58
Hi Stew - welcome to the site. Hope you both find a C5 soon. This is the place to be for all things C5 (Advice - spares - meetings) The main couple (Boo Boo and Noo noo ) are great - don't be put of by the angle grinder !!! Keps us updated on your search.
Title: Re: Hiya
Post by: Umpa on 09, September, 2009 - 21:41:15
Yeah - welcome dude - and get a C5 soon and join us on a few meets if you can - they are a whole lot of fun.
Title: Re: Hiya
Post by: Karl on 10, September, 2009 - 08:49:54
Welcome to the site , if you want to come along and meet us at any of the meetings/runs you are most welcome - Brooklands is coming up soon which is possibly the best of the "static" meetings. The runs are usually about 12 miles or so ,with a couple of pub stops included  :)