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Author Topic: List of who does what at c5alive  (Read 3701 times)

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List of who does what at c5alive
« on: 27, April, 2010 - 20:26:58 »
C5alive has grown and several changes have taken place behind the scenes, so here is a list of who does what ;


Neil (Brooksymk)

Ed (Edward Green)

Pat (patbrooks)

Marty (Radiomarty)

Website Design & Build

Dan (thedesigntailor)

Pat (patbrooks)


Andy (Retroandy)
Marty (Radiomarty)

Servicing & Repairs

Adam Harper is obviously the top man when it comes to c5 servicing and repairs but, to fill the gap whilst he is taking time out (or if you are on a tight budget), I have compiled a list of c5alive forum members who are capable of working on the c5 and have offered their services .
You will need to contact and negotiate any cost with them direct, as C5alive will not be involved in the transaction.

Radiomarty :
Located near Kettering

C5enthusiast & restorer (Chas) :
Located near Derby

RetroAndy :
Located near Kings Lynn

RadioMarty also offers a test/repair service for the pod

Technical advice

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