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Since taking over c5alive I've made efforts to change it from being the shop with a small forum to more of an owners club with a small shop attached. This seems to be working quite well as the forum is nice and busy and our "club" activities are popular with a nice variety of events to take part in.

A few have asked if there is a membership fee to being part of c5alive, which I'm happy so say no there isn't - nor would I like to introduce one . Once fees come into the equation you need to have a chairman, treasurer,membership secretaries etc and I don't think c5alive would get big enough to justify all that. It's also a lot of hassle I would prefer not to get involved in. In short, I reckon we're doing ok with the present setup.

I do know a few of you want to help keep c5alive going. Not wanting to sound like I'm passing round the begging bowl, but if you do feel the need to contribute to the survival of c5alive then just buy a few items every now and then from the shopside of the site. Alternatively, just adopt Umpa's idea of a donation to the paypal account, as Tesco say: every little helps  ;D.



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