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Can ANYONE Get Me In Touch With ADAM HARPER?


It looks like the LAST FACTORY AUTHORIZED REPAIR and REFURBISH TECH has disappeared off the face of the earth. I have searched diligently on the internet. That is a shame, as there goes a WEALTH of information on our beloved Sinclair C5's. I'M CERTAIN that someone on this forum has access to get in touch with ADAM HARPER (either email, snail mail, or phone). I need to contact him. PLEASE PASS MY EMAIL, MAIL, and/or TELEPHONE NUMBER. I would be grateful as this is IMPORTANT.

Timothy Woods

email: magictimothy@aol.com

regular mail: PO Box 275, Colton, Oregon, 97017 USA

Telephone: 1-503-349-1927

Last time I spoke to him he confirmed he was taking some time out for personal reasons.

The Sinclair Vehicles website was taken down, at his own request, so that he couldn't be contacted.

Did Adam ever mention when he'd be back, or did he even say he'd be back Karl?  I'm sure you must've mentioned it earlier this year, but I can't remember.

No date given. He was looking into the possibility of a friend of his running things for him for a while, but that doesn't seem to have worked out. 

I can understand taking time off and having "personal reasons" to bow out for awhile. It appears that he has been gone for OVER A YEAR. Maybe someone could check back into this. The problem is that he was sitting on NEW/OLD PART INVENTORY for the C5. If he isn't going to do anything with that, I would like to contact him personally and make and offer, and get those parts BACK IN CIRCULATION. This is a very small market, and I have seen this all too familiar repeated in the past (in other situations) that these sources DRY UP and are never seen again. PLEASE, if you have his number or a contact, forward it too me...I'll get ahold of him. I'm not going to invade his personal life. I have additional reasons, the ELECTRIC VEHICLE MARKET is opening up huge here now in the U.S., and I need to ask him about some Technical/Historical Information.


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