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Buying from the c5alive "shop"
« on: 24, September, 2011 - 08:37:47 »
The shop side of the c5alive site is still very wobbly, but is functioning - it will allow you to "add to cart" but won't let yout read the detailed description of any items selected  ???. Mikedx is busy working on a new version that should be easier to use and more reliable. Watch this space for more news on how we're progressing.

In the meantime, the stock levels have been topped up with tyres,tubes etc and a new supplier for the drivebelts has also seen a welcome reduction in the price  :) (quite rare for this day and age !).

Don't forget that when using the shop side of the c5alive website you're directly supporting the forum, and also the activities and events we attend, so you're help is always most appreciated.

If you want a particular item and are struggling with the shop side of the site, just email me at ;
...and we'll get something sorted  8).

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