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Brake Wheel Ball Race Bearings


The ball race bearings are becoming very difficult to source.
You can fit a set of individual bearings to the inner and outer brake wheel.
Remove your brake wheel clean out the wheel cups and apply Castrol LM Greece or similar.
Fit 13 ball bearings which can be obtained from your local cycle shop (or C5ALIVE can supply). Position the bearings in a circle into the grease on the inner wheel cup. Gently refit the wheel onto the axial. Now fit the outer 13 ball bearings into the outer wheel cup. Don't forget to fit your wheel cover if you have one before fitting the outer wheel cup. Now gently tighten the coned wheel nut and gently rotate the wheel just as you finally position the coned nut. Finally fit the wheel locking nut. You should now have a functioning rear brake wheel. You will notice that with 13 bearings fitted there is a gap this is intentional and is necessary for them to function properly. With more bearings fitted your rear wheel will be much smoother and its position more accurately maintained.

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