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Body Removal


Remove Boot
Take cover off contol box using philips screwdriver
Disconnect Motor and Battery connections inside control box using 6 and 7mm long reach sockets
Connections to the control box are as follows
Blue - neg supply to Control Box - X1 (unmarked)
Tan - Positive Supply - X2
IDC Connectors from Temperature sensors for motor - x6 (looking at connector pins empty empty orange orange purple grey)
The orange multi connector - fits so that all wires exit uppermost
Red - Motor Positive - X3
Black - Motor Neg - X4
Brown (Flat Blade connector) - Battery Positive 12v - X5
Remove Control box by undoing the two retaining screws on the box base
Remove the Instrumentation pod and retaining lugs (if you wish but not essential)
Undo / Remove handlebars
Remove pedals/Chain/Crank assembly
(if you do not remove the crank -otherwise known as bottom bracket the C5 body will snag on it and you will lift both body and chassis together)
Undo rearlight screws
Remove rearlight
Disconnect wires to the light
Undo horn if fitted
Remove Grommit through body to main ign switch
Pull switch through body
Undo light switch and pull through body
Cut / remove / disengage cable ties - (wiring is normally lifted with the body !)
one cable tie found on rear NS rear arm
One on centre of rear arm
In order not to disturb wiring too much - pull red and black motor power wires from the control box loom out of the loom or remove at motor
(wiring will lift along with the body)
Remove /disengage thermistor and thermal probe from motor.
Undo 4 main body holding screws and then simply lift body from chassis directly vertical (deviation from the vertical may make the body snag on the chassis alignment lugs.


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