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New led indicators with warning lights and led brake light

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Hi all, as I´ve had a lot of work this last month I write anything in the forum list but now a I have a little time to show you some news.

This week I´ve ended the instalation of my new led indicators and led brake light. I´ve passed a lot of time looking for an original set of indicators and found a pair on Ebay but, as the cost was very high  :( and the flasher and bulbs units was analogic and drain a lot of power from the battery  :(  I decided to build a new set, using electronic flasher unit and led lights. I also wanted to put a brake light as high as I can to improve the visibility of the C5 on the city roads, with the cars very near of your back  :o , you all know what I´m saying. So I get a new pair of carbon fiber stile led indicators for the back of the car, Ducati stile spare parts, ten pounds shipping costs included, a new pair of short size carbon fiber led lights for the front, nine pounds shipping costs included, and an two pins electronic flasher unit with beep sound, forty pennies shipping costs included. The best thing of this flasher is it don´t flash quick or slow depending the power of the bulbs, you can use any bulb with more or less watts and the speed will be always the same, if you change the bulbs of your car or motorcicle to led bulbs you need one of this, the analogic flasher units don´t work with led lights. You can see the results on this video:


(My god, I´ve learned to put images and videos at last  ;D ;D)

Well, as some of you know, I did a luggage rack a few months ago. After a time of use I can say you it works great, no signs of structural damages a load heavy charges, including the tow bar for my children trailer, so I decided use it to fix the indicators and brake light as high as I can, It´s a good place to improve the visibility. The brake light is a 14th leds standard brake light for cars and  I also have a led light in the front and back traffic lights. here you are the results, I hope you like.

As a curiosity, the indicators spend three watts/hour of battery power each side and five watts on warning mode, one watt each light and about one watt the flasher, that´s not heavy for your battery   8), I think I must use candles if I want to drain less than this  ;D ;D ;D.

By the way, I´ve take the side panels out now because the summer time fall over us suddenly and , since last Tuesday, temperatures are about 34º C in midday, I think I´m going to install the fan on C5 ´motor this weekend, I´ve heard the overheating warning sound of the car twice this saturday,  when I drove with my twins on the trailer to do a city trip, now it´s very hot here.

I´ll try to end the works of the other two C5, 24 volts conversion, before the 1st of July because I want to move the three C5 to the beach, I have a little house in Mojacar, Almeria and I want to ride on the sea side with the family  8) 8), there is a nice bike path near the sand, if somebody wants a big jar of cold sangria I´ll pay the first ten  ;D ;D ;D ;D, it´s a serious offer, really, that could be a micro meeting in the south.  ;) ;)

Thanks for your atention and regards, Rafael

lOOKING GOOD .......  8)

How are you switching the brake light ??


Hi, I´m glad you like the work  ;). The brake works using an universal brake swith mounted in the rear right wheel, when you catch the lever the switch works because there is a little spring conected , here you are a picture:


As my chassis have the rack bottom piece at the end, I have a lot of space to hold the switch, in this case I´ve used an aluminium angle to hold it, with several nuts and bolts to the rack bottom part. You can see the two wires of the switch clearly. If you want more detalis, photos and costs of the whole installation I can put a detailed report of the whole instalation, indicators included, are cheap and works well, I can´t ask more  ;D ;D.

Thanks for comment and regards, Rafael


Look at the meat on those tyres! :D

Yep, a little off-road tires  :) :), but there is a reason for this. My city is in the middle of the subway works and the most part of the bike paths looks like Afganistan  :( :(. I´ve broken six tires the last year  :o :o, the last two a pair of almost new Schawalbe Kojak of my tandem last week, I fell in something like a lunar crater and I must tow my tandem (35 kg weight) on my back two miles until I found a bike shop to repair it. I also am a heavy weight, 100 kg, and that isn´t a help when you fall in a hole, sure your tire explode. So I decided to put that tires on the C5, are slower but better for holes and all the surprises I find in my city  ::) ::). The only good thing is the works are almost finished and the new subway-tramway path have a new and better bike path, who connect my house with the most parts of the city, but that will be after summer, at least.

Meanwhile, I have a reluctant new pair of Schwalbe City Jet tires waiting in a box  8) until that time, I hope.


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