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AndyC5 From Oxfordshire!!!

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Hi there guys!!! My name is Andrew (or Andy if you like) and i'm 14 at the mo! (prime age for a young C5 driver!) If you're a regular user of the C5 Facebook group, you'll have already encountered me on there moaning about my many problems with my C5!! And even as I post this, the C5 still needs the motor looking at but otherwise not in bad nick! I live in the area of Oxfordshire around the area of the White Horse! As you may have guessed, so does my C5! So to conclude this post as it may be a while till I post another one! Hi and feel free to ask me about stuff and I hope to see you all at some of the meet-ups! Perhaps even the next one at Ardingly if we can get the C5 there.

Hi Andy,

Good to see you on here and look forward to meeting up.

Regarding Ardingly the cut-off date for registering to attend this event was the end of April. You are most welcome to come along but at this late stage I'm guessing it would have to be as a "pay to display" guest;

You can always email the organisors to confirm.

Hi Andy and welcome. Post some photos of your C5 and works that need doing.

We are here to help.


Hi Andy - welcome along - you are the same age as my son Matt (Mattc5 owns Goldfinger)so he is looking forward to meeting you at one of the events- enjoy your c5  :) :)

Retro Andy:
Hi Andy, welcome to the forum, Great name  :)

Retro Andy.


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