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Hello all. Newbe here looking for a C5.

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Hi all! Thought I'd sign up and say hi! My names Jon or Leaky as I'm better known I'm 20 and live in the Basingstoke/Reading area incase theirs anyone local on here. Had a soft spot for these little things for a while. I have not got one yet but am on the look out for one. Would like a project really as I like doing stuff myself and making things a different to the norm.

I no there not C5's but some people may be interested in my 2 current project.

My 33 year old daily driven clubman.

Then my slightly younger one which was my first car so like every 17 year olds car it took a fair amount of abuse lol.

So yea anyway I hope to have myself a C5 before much longer. Will be nice to have something that doesn't rust faster then it moves lol.

Very cool mini's mate  8)

Welcome to c5alive  ;)

Hi and welcome, Depending on the state of the C5 you are looking for as refurbed ones are shown on here all the time by Booboo (Karl), Chas and various others or there is allways ebay...........

Hope you get one soon and nice photos of the mini's.


Viz Rust-C5 chassis' do rust, and the metal is very thin so check carefully as they also distort.

Cheers for all the replies guys! Not really sure what I am looking for TBH. I'll consider anything from a bare shell to something that just needs finishing off. Looking to spend around the £100 MK which from what I have seen on here and on ebay for a project that seems about right no? If anyone knows or has anything that they think is suitable then let me know! O and thanks for the compliments on the minis. I'v been a member of the mini forum since I was 15 and know how helpful and friendly the people on there can be so thought I'd see if the C5 had anything similar hence me stumbling across this forum! You will all have to bare with me if I start asking stupid questions.

Thanks for the warm welcome!


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