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New Member loooking at a project

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Hi Guys, I'm 20 and I'm up in the Teesside area, looking for a C5 as a little summer project. I like fixing/restoring things.  ;D

I'm probably going to look at this C5, but I had a couple of questions I wanted to ask.

Aside from it being missing the boot, front wheel cover, and one of the rear centre hubs, and the shell needing a good clean up, does that chassis look a bit far gone at the rear, or am I just being picky? It does have the 2 original keys, and the original key switch, I think it looks like a good project, and is fairly nearby me, just thought I should get a second opinion on how it looks/what it is worth.

Thanks in advance.

Hi and welcome to the forum.

In regard to the chassis, forks & rear hoop I get mine sand blasted +£25 plus then I 2 x coats of primer, 2 x coats of gloss and 2 x coats of lacquer. They come up like new.

Just need to make sure the chassis is not bent or coming apart. Worst case you get them for about £10 for the forum.

The rear axle can be rubbed down using sandpaper / wet n' dry and they come up shinning silver again. I cannot see if it has the POD from the photos and again they can be repair or replaced from the forum. The rear (red) lense looks in bad shape.

Speak to BooBoo (Karl) as he has quite a lot of spares.


Thanks for your reply. My main concern really, is that I don't pay waaay over the top for it, bearing in mind it's condition, and unknown as to whether or not it works. It does have a pod, and is mostly complete according to the seller. As I say, I'm definitely going to go and look at it.


--- Quote from: adam_d on  15, July, 2012  - 19:25:50 --- As I say, I'm definitely going to go and look at it.

--- End quote ---

Thats the most important bit  ;) They all tend to photograph well so a good look is always a worth the effort.

Take a read through our buyers guide ;

..and some of the other restoration topics found in the forum guide. It will help you to look in the right areas.

Good luck and let us know how you get on  :)

Hi there had a look at the motor and there seem to be no fingers on it if it's true the motor will be no good ....and you may find that the gearbox is also no good ?????????????????????

bye Chas


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