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FREE! C5 Serial Number Plate

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This is a Word doc just download open in word edit the S/N and print.


You will need to protect the finished printed plate by laminating or use a protective clear film etc.

I used a protective clear tape.

This is FREE! so use your imagination.

It's not perfect but works well.

What does the Vehicle Number mean?

V1000 = Model reference for C5
5 =1985
03 = March
02778 = 2778th produced that month

I am really at a loss to understand this post, what exactly are you giving away free?

a FREE sinclair sticker which is a copy of the original, and free sticky cover...most office dudes can do this anyway!!!

I came to this site for support..!!!

Retro Andy:
You sound a little ungreatful mate, Martin is offering a copy of the serial sticker for free, if you dont need one or can make you own thats fine, but you dont have to turn your nose up to it.
Anyway Karl and Martin are always keen to help and support anyone, thay are just the other end of the telephone or drop on Karl's door step he would would be more than happy to sort anyone's problems.


And these people are charging for....


Hmmmm smells like a troll to me.


Cheers for the template. Do not need the sticky stuff as laminated mine but template was really useful.




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