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International Shipping - posting a Sinclair C5 abroad


I'm often asked if I ship C5's abroad...the answer is no, I dont . But having been asked so many times I thought I'd see if anyone out there does. These guys seems to have some experience in the matter so I'll be forwarding any future requests to them;

 Dear Karl,


Thank you for your email to my PA Jenny. Please excuse my late response but I had to seek direction from the owner of the company.


We are attaching a photograph of an almost packed C5 that we recently exported to China.


Anglo Pacific Intl PLC regularly load their own consolidation containers to North America, the Far East, Australia, New Zealand and various other countries. We can also arrange shipments to most other worldwide destinations.


Fully comprehensive insurance is available at competetive premiums.


Please contact us to request a quote


Terry Horsnell



Hope that this helps. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.




Anglo Pacific International PLC
Fine Art Division

5/9 Willen Field Road

London NW10 7BQ

Tel: 020 8838 8463 Direct

Fax: 020 8453 0225
Cell: 07912 771240






Please note : c5alive does not have any involvement in whatever arrangements you might make with this company. The information provided here is purely offered as an indication of what is available, there are other companies out there that offer similar services.


So now a C5 is fine art!

And mine came in two cardboard boxes taped together and a third located on the seat to stop it shifting.  ;D ;D


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