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I've chatted with Dan and weve freed up some time to try and get the Hall of Fame sorted. It's all there and ready to go from a programming point of view. We just need a list of famous C5s together with a photo/pictures and a "write up" about each of them.

My proposal is to feature Adam Harpers record breaking C5 , the Lotus C5's and our own Challenger and C-5000 . Any other historically significant c5's ?
To keep things progressing is anyone willing to help by doing the research and write up for the Adam Harper C5 and the Lotus C5's ? I'll take care of the feature for the c5000 and challenger projects.

Dan and I will have final editorial control over articles submitted as we may have to chop and change some stuff according to space and layout  ;)   

What's known of the celebrity C5's like those owned by Elton John and Prince William?

Any interesting C5 builds that you've seen or done? Just need  a photo and some info.


The one of my C5 with the Clive Sinclair lookalike.




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