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Half Pint - Strip Down, Clean, Rebuild - Progress

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Sat 4th Jan
Time for half pints strip down, clean and rebuild. Getting ready for the show season - Below are the before pictures.

Sun 5th Jan
Half Pint starting to scrub up nicely, still a few parts to clean, hopefully will have it rebuilt and up and running by the end of next week, lots of pieces.

More photos to follow but it is looking good so far !!!

Looking good so far - keep the photos coming - must admit to 'borrowing' parts from half pint to keep people running at events :-):-)

Hi there it looks like you have spent some time cleaning the parts they look great ...Chas

Edward Green:
Thanks Marty and Chas, we have put a few man hours cleaning every nut, bolt and wire. Just a few more finishing bits to sort out tomorrow and Half pint will be completed. We will put some more pictures up tomorrow. :)

Well here are the finished pictures of the reassembled Half Pint, very pleased with the results, hope you all like it. Looking forward to taking it to the shows this year.


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