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Hi All

Just letting you know I am working on tidying up the forum I started earlier this week (as you may have already started to notice) , I am archiving old posts and deleting posts that are no longer needed, so if something has moved or looks like its in a different place then it probably is. It will take a while as there are lots of posts so please bear with me whilst I tackle this task.

Hopefully at the end of it it will be easier to find information you are looking for as sometimes important posts can get lost amongst the vast amount of posts on here.


Good luck Pat sounds like alot of work !!

Just an update I have managed to tidy up some more areas of the forum, I apologise now if I have moved any posts that should stay but for now they are in the archive section at the bottom of the forum. Once im happy that the old posts are no longer used and if we need to free up space I will look to remove these posts.

Its taking a while but im hoping to get the forum nicely up to date to make it easy for everyone who enjoys reading and posting to the site.



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