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A prototype off-roader


Hi here is the original off-roader  from 1985 there where  only 2 ever made so I decided to have a go at making one I had the help from Brian from the USA as he had just bought one of the original ones he helped me by posting photo and info ...of it as you can see he has quiet a lot of work to get it looking and running again

And how it is today

And here is my copy of it

Paul Langton-Rogers:
What is the difference between the off-roader model and the regular model, apart from the obvious power and speed restriction (for e-bike compliance) lifting?

I mean, how is that restriction overcome on the off-roader model? It is the same motor and electrics just without the speed limit, or is it a major difference in terms of motor, electrics and power?

What kind of speed can do the off-roader do and is it better at hill climbing?

And finally, could the off-roader C5 (or a regular one adapted to go faster) be Type Registered in UK and have number-plates and be used in the AM category (same as mopeds, microcars and low-powered electric vehicles like quad cycles).. or is the C5 just unlikely to gain Type Registration and pass MOT, without significant re-designing of the brakes, lights and everything else, to bring it up to legal standards and safety compliance?

Hi here is the missing photo of the one I made up ....


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