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Author Topic: C5martin items for sale: Unused indicator kit,motor & gearbox,front wheel shroud  (Read 2613 times)

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check C5martin's site for some hard to obtain items up for grabs;

front wheel shroud, indicator kit , motor & gearbox...


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Umm some mouth watering stuff here indeed....

Martin, if you are following this thread...Is all this still up for grabs and how would you describe condition of gearbox pinion please?


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The advert on his site describes it as "new" old stock, so I'm assuming it must be unused .

Might be worth giving him a call, or dropping him an email, just to confirm  :)


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£160 for wheel shrouds??!!!  :o
I'd love a pair but... £ouch!!

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I'd like the rest of the C5 to go with it  ;D but if your lucky enough to have a new C5 and dont have one, well its a no brainer, a must have to finish it off.

Retro Andy
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There are a few items now that are already unobtainable "new" , such as the wheel shrouds and the indicator kits.  Not even Adam Harper has them available.

I remember watching a tv programme about restoring an early VW Beetle - a guy paid £250 for a rusty & dented front wing. He had to have it because it was the only one available for that particular model.

Similar thing with some C5 parts, and I expect that as Adam runs out of stuff things are going to become more difficult to obtain and therefore more expensive/valuable.