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Just in the process of getting me a 1995 Virtual boy of E-bay.

I consider it to be the Sinclair C5 of game consoles, I.E A good Idea nspoint by bad marketing. Along with my 2001 Steel Batallion game + controller for the Xbox im building a collection of odd products.


Whats one of those?


Its a true 3D games consol made by Nintendo. used two red LED screens to create depth.

Dispite the inovation it was a comercial failure. Which is a shame as I belive it was probberly the most innotive Idea for a games machine since the early days. Possibly the Wii has such inovation, but there is noting quite like a Virtual Boy

Anyhow, I kinda feel it suffered the same fate as the C5.

When I sort out one and I finaly get to a meet, ill bring it along.

hows that sound 

I love anything retro like this and even some modern stuff made to look like the old stuff, i recently bought a modern phone that is designed to look like the old motorola brick wedge styled phones, dont know why i just fancied it and as for Karls Mini-El that really has me going..!


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